Re-Pipe, Re-Route, Slab or Pipe leak in Riverside?
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Riverside, Corona, Norco, Eastvale

You deserve Great Wrench Re-Pipe Service!

Wrench Re-Pipe is a locally owner operated business that’s located in the Riverside, CA area.  In business since 1993, we originally specialized in residential water and drain system re-piping and re-routing.  But since we were often requested for second opinions on major residential plumbing repairs (and then hired!) we have since then moved into other major pluming repair aspects.

For almost 25 years home owners have used us for as aspects of Repipe, reroute, and slab leak repairs.  We have also been able to help out greatly with sewer main collapses and replacements, as well as replacing broken and flooding water services along with house pressure regulators and shut off valves

The thing the sets us apart from other plumbing service and repair companies is our expertise, attention to detail, and unparalleled service, before and after your job is completed.

We have always lived by our motto:  “One happy customer instead of 10 unhappy customers!”

We do your job 100% before moving onto the next and never pull off your job to estimate another.

Plumbing can sometime be expensive and repairs seem to always come at the worst times.  It’s best to get great work from a great company that actually cares about the work the do!

You deserve great Wrench Re-Pipe work!

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